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Michael R Presentations
Day 1
Keynote : Aleem Walji
Director, Innovation Labs | Directeur, Laboratoires d’innovation, The World Bank Institute | Banque mondiale
Web Foundation | Fondation Web, Research Coordinator | Coordonnateur de recherche
Anna Crowe Privacy International
Christina Crawley Global Integrity
Lindsey Marchessault World Bank Institute | Banque mondiale
Farai Matsika HIV/AIDS Alliance
Theo van de Sande Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands
Amy Otchet UNESCO Institute for Statistics | Institut de statistique de l'UNESCO
Aniket Bhushan North South Institute | L'institut Nord-Sud
Bibhusan Bista Young Innovations
Johanness Kiess The World Bank Institute | Banque mondiale
Sam Lee World Bank Institute | Banque mondiale
Day 2
Moderator : Jacques Mailloux Elections Canada | Élections Canada
John Adams DFID, UK
James McKinney OpenNorth | NordOuvert
Moderator : Anne Jellema Web Foundation
Bibhusan Bista Young Innovations
Joni Hillman Development Initiatives
Owen Scott Development Gateway
Moderator: Mark Cardwell UNDP
Tim Davies Web Foundation | Fondation Web, Research Coordinator
Laurent Elder IDRC | CRDI
Anahi Ayala Iacucci Internews Center for Innovation & Learning
Linda Raftree Plan International USA
Mark Surman Mozilla Foundation | Fondation Mozilla
1362 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mladen Droshev 1362 days ago
Mladen: mladen.droshev at gmail.com
1364 days ago
Tech team notes
Adam R aroberts@spatialdev.com
Static-data 'backend' (i.e. no backend) github pages hosted app.
Data were converted to geojson, intersected with all admin boundaries, and then run through several node.js scripts to re-arrange and aggregate the data into useful chunks of data.
Map-based single-paged app - not enough time, but got something together quand même!
AID SNAPSHOT for [chosen ADMn]
Maria P Instantánea de la Cooperación (seleccionar ADMn) 
The total number of activities in progress in [chosen ADMn] is [count of activities by ADMn].
El número total de las actividades en curso [seleccionar ADMn] es [número total de actividades por ADMn]
Pernilla N Total amount (US$) being spent in [chosen ADMn] is [Total by ADMn]. 
La cantidad total gastada en ($) por [ADMn] es [Total por ADMn]. 
Sector Amount (US$) Number of Activities in Progress Number of organisations
Sector Monto ($) Número de Actividades en Curso Numero de Organismos
Data description: The dataset provided by Bolivia Ministry of Development Planning contains information on foreign aid funded development projects channeled through the government's national budget.  The projects are all in progress as of December 2013, and approved between 2000 and 2013. Information collected includes sector, funding agency, implementing agency and location at municipality level. 
Maria P Descripción de los datos: El conjunto de datos proporcionado por el  Vice Ministerio de Inversión Publica y Financiamiento Externo (VIPFE), dependiente del Ministerio de Planificación del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, contiene información sobre los proyectos de desarrollo financiados por la cooperación internacional canalizada a través del presupuesto nacional del gobierno. Los proyectos están en curso a partir de Diciembre del 2013, y fueron aprobados entre el 2000 y el 2013. La información recopilada incluye el sector, el organismo de financiación, el organismo ejecutor y la ubicación geográfica a nivel municipal.
Pernilla N Link to the Vice Ministerio de Inversión Publica y Financiamiento Externo: http://www.vipfe.gob.bo/
Future text: 
Maria P The largest contributing organization is [total by organization within ADMn, then find name of org by max dollar amount]
El organismo que posee la mayor contribución es [el monto total del organismo dentro de la ADMn, luego encontrar el nombre del organismo con el mayor monto en dólares]
Pernilla N Wikipedia table formatting: (wishful addition!)
{|class="wikitable" border="1" style="width:45%;" border="1"
! '''Sector'''
! '''Amount (USD)'''
! '''Number of Activities in Progress'''
! '''Number of Organisations'''
| Sector X || align="right" | 123,456 || align="right" | 123 || align="right" | 12 
| Sector Y || align="right" | 123,456 || align="right" | 123 || align="right" | 12 
| Sector Z || align="right" | 123,456 || align="right" | 123 || align="right" | 12
  • Datasets:
1364 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Daniel Drouet 1364 days ago
A draft standard that accurately reports grants from the three major types of funders in Canada: foundation, corporate, and government. 
Daniel D Draft document can be found here:
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